Waterproof Duffle Bag

At one point in life, everyone gets caught in rains and ends up being soaked in water. All your belonging might get destroyed on the process unless if you are lucky enough. To avoid such moments of being caught unaware, it is safer to acquire a waterproof duffle bag that you can use to carry your valuables in and avoid them being destroyed by the rains. If you do not have one of these bags, you definitely need one because you will use on several occasions.

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When it comes to activities that involve water, a duffle bag will save you a great deal of stress and unfortunate accidents. You will be able to travel around with this bag and even carry it to different places like the beach. However, you need to know the reasons as to why you should acquire a waterproof duffle bag and the factors to consider when acquiring one.

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Why You Need It

Waterproof is the main idea of acquiring this kind of bag. Water splashes and rains will not affect the items you are carrying because a waterproof duffle bag has the capability to keep all of them dry and perfectly safe regardless of the weather. However, you should avoid submerging the bag in water especially if there are electronics in it because they tend to get easily destroyed when they come in touch with water. Waterproof duffle bags are very helpful to the people who mostly have aquatic endeavours like hunting, camping, snowing, skiing, boating and kayaking and several other activities. Predicting the weather out there is almost impossible. Therefore, if you have to go out for an activity that involves getting in touch with water, you will need to carry your belongings in a waterproof bag. These kinds of bags can also be used in the gym and also for travel. The compartments in these bags help you to be able to separate the wet gears and the dry ones. If you are a motorcycle rider, there is no doubt that you need one of these bags.

Benefits of Waterproof Duffle Bags


In comparison with the usual dry bags, waterproof duffle bags are far more beneficial in numerous ways. By design, the standard dry bags have air trapped inside them which makes them bulky. This form of design is to allow buoyancy of the bag when it accidentally falls in the water. However, this design does not consider the fact that this air occupies a lot of space that could otherwise be used in the storage of several other items. On the other hand, there is no wasted space in waterproof duffle bags since they are able to tightly roll up. Essentially, the capacity of the duffle bags is increased equating it to that of the huge duffle bags.


Waterproof duffle bags can be used in diverse occasions which makes them more versatile. Apart from using them for protecting your gear from water, there are several other uses that these bags can be put to. The bags are an excellent option for motorcycle, bike and car camping. Moreover, the fact that they are more compact and at the same time with a lot of space allows them to carry a considerable huge number of items hence making them more versatile. They can also be used in several other tasks like carrying your gym gear when it becomes wet.

Ease of Unpacking and Packing

If you have had an encounter with the standard duffle bag, you know how you have to strain to pack or unpack your items. Waterproof duffle bags are exceptionally amazing in that packing and unpacking your gear is very easy. Their openings are wide and the depths are shallow making it easy for you to find your gear. You do not have to dive into the bag to search for something like you do with the dry bags

Easy Organization

The standard dry bags have a tendency of making the arrangement of gears complex. The arrangement of gear in the waterproof duffle bags is much easier. This is because they have several compartments complemented by their cylindrical shape. Moreover, the shallow depth, as well as the wide openings, provide an additional advantage to organize your gear easily. It is just like packing your items in a suitcase.


In every activity that you engage yourself in, you must consider the possibility of having an encounter with unpredictable weather. If you fear that you will be out with gear that can easily get destroyed by water, it would be safer for you to look for a waterproof bag to carry them around. One of the best bags for such endeavours is the waterproof duffle bag that is easy to organize, versatile and with huge space.

How to Choose the Right Waterproof Messenger Bag

When people hear of waterproof bags, they think of the rainy seasons that you need to carry a bag that does not allow water to penetrate through their items. That is not necessarily why waterproof bags exist. If a backpack is labeled waterproof, it means that it can be submerged in water not allowing moisture inside. The bag optimizes more extreme conditions and goes beyond rainstorm. Waterproof bags are often used in outdoor activities where sensitive items would easily get wet as well as in extreme sports such as snowboarding. Some of the best and simplest waterproof bags include messenger bags. They easily keep your items dry and safe.

What Makes Messenger Bags Completely Waterproof?

Being made of 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon on its outer shell, Messenger bags are not only made to stick out the weather but also to carry personal belongings. But what really makes them waterproof? Waterproof bags are made of PVC materials which are said to be versatile. PVC makes sure there is a perfect balance between durability and pliability which makes it the best material for quality waterproof bags. Due to its pliability, it is comfortable to carry around. Waterproof messenger bags use a thermowelding technique that ensures that the bag has the perfect seal. The bag is well tightly melted together to make the fibers join thus producing a strong, durable waterproof seal.

While traveling on water or water sports, waterproof messenger bags are able to hold tight down and clip thus creating an airtight seal on the pack. This is caused by the PVC materials which create friction that enables the bag to firmly hold itself together. When folding the fabric down, you must ensure that you produce tight folds that will ensure your items are waterproofing. The bag should also not be overfilled in order to make it easier to sufficiently hold it down to create airtight seals. If the bag holds the air and float on water if you are traveling on water.

Waterproof Messenger Bags

For those who don’t like backpacks, but need more space to fit in their stuff, messenger bags are the best. They are a great option when it comes to people who like traveling on regular water games and in rainy seasons. Of course, to most people, laptops, and cameras are the most important items that can easily get damaged if they get wet. With waterproof messenger bags, they ensure downpour and protect your belongings. Whether you are a business traveler, an active traveler looking for a more stylish waterproof bag, there are a variety of options for you. Some of the best waterproof messenger bags include Timbuc2classic messenger bag, Canvas messenger bag and Dachee waterproof messenger bag.

The truth is that there comes a time when inevitable and frustrating circumstances occurs especially while traveling and we do not have any means to protect our belongings. To avoid these unpleasant moody sensations, these waterproof messenger bags are readily available and excellent answers to problem storage. They are made of materials that do not only keep away the moisture, humidity, snow, and rain but they also protect items from dust particles through the practical sealing closure system. Through their floating liner, they are able to protect belongings from water damage. Also, they are durable, meaning that are not easily damaged by rain, mud, snow or sun. Waterproof messenger bags are also made for one reason, to be able to carry loads properly. Therefore, they are the most comfortable bags to carry any time. Due to the PVC materials used to make waterproof messenger bags, it is possible to adjust the bag regardless of how big your belongings are. The materials make the bag to be stable no matter the size.


Waterproof messenger bags are essential for anyone who likes to spend their time outdoors with no worries of the weather adjustments. These bags are the best to protect items which must be kept dry from the rain. They may include your precious food supplies, mobile phones, GPS devices, laptops, and cameras. Unless the bag is punctured, the bag can be rolled several times but still keeps your items secured with clips and also your belongings can be completely kept watertight and so even if it is submerged in water it will still be in a position to float.

Camera Bag Buying Guide

Just like all the other electronics, cameras need special bags to carry them around. These bags offer extra protection from physical impacts and water as well as other different forms of accidents. Cameras are very sensitive to water hence acquiring a waterproof bag to carry them is advised. You do not have to risk exposing your camera to moisture or even dust that can lead to unintended costs especially when your camera gets destroying. You need to take caution by acquiring a waterproof bag for the camera.

Types of Camera Bags

Compact Bags

There are two subdivisions of camera bags. One of them is the one that handles huge lenses and SL cameras and the other one is the one designed for point and shoot compact cameras. Compact camera bags can be huge to hold cameras and their accessories or smaller to hold cameras alone. The compact type can be divided into leather cases, thermo-moulded nylon cases or closed-cell foam cases. The leather case category in comparison with other types of bags is known to have less padding. The thermo-moulded type is less bulky and crunch resistant. On the inside, they are made of a soft pad that protects your camera from abrasion. The closed foam cases category has a paddling for camera protection and is made from tough polyester or nylon. In addition, the best of the categories of bags is the one with a waterproof layer that does not only protect your camera from dust and physical impact but also from moisture.

Larger SLR Bags

These the kind of bags that are made to handle the video and camera equipment that is compact. They are mostly made from polyester or even rugged nylon. To make them more efficient and effective, a waterproof layer is installed to ensure that the water does not sip through the bag into the camera. On the inside, there are internal dividers in order for the bag to be able to accommodate cameras of different sizes. These bags include the backpack, fanny packs, triangular bags and rectangular bags.

What to Consider When Buying a Waterproof Camera Bag


If you are out there looking for a camera bag, there are different factors that you should consider. The size is very important due to the number of equipment that needs to be carried by the bag. You will always go ahead to purchase additional accessories that require you to have an extra space in your bag to accommodate them. A waterproof backpack is better when you are travelling to a place that you will be required to use different accessory options. It can help carry all your accessories around with ease. However, the first camera bag should not be such bulky because it is not meant to accommodate several accessories. In case you are thinking of carrying a laptop, consider the size of its screen before you buy a bag. Moreover, there are the custom bags that you can always carry because they have a tripod carry case which would be an additional advantage.


The colour, finish and material among others matter a lot when you are looking for a waterproof camera bag. Are stylish bag is very presentable and easy to carry around in different places. When you go to the store, a well-designed bag is better since it even offers more space to store the other accessories.

Lenses together with your laptop and camera are bulky especially when you are carrying them for a long time. This means that you must consider the comfort of the bag that you purchase. Otherwise, carrying all the accessories in an uncomfortable bag will make your time very unpleasant. You can consider buying a backpack or over the shoulder bag depending on the one that you figure to be the most convenient for you. The backpack, however, is a good option in terms of weight distribution especially when you are carrying heavy accessories.


If you desire to purchase a waterproof bag for your camera, you need to know the types of bags and the factors to consider when purchasing the bag you desire. You should consider the bag’s security, its comfort, style, portability, style, weatherproof and size. All these factors will enable you to identify the best bag depending on the type, size and number of accessories that you want to carry.